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This website is being created as a resource for the victims of Seema Sapra, of New Delhi India. It will hopefully help people understand her background, and enable possible victims- be they lawyers, hotel and restaurant owners, or people living in the neighbourhoods in which she parks her car- prepare themselves to deal with her, and possibly reach out to other victims, in the event that they need help in specific situations.

To be clear, Seema Sapra is a pitiable creature in a very difficult situation. However, that does not detract from the fact that she is a public nuisance and that, due to a variety of peculiarities in her circumstances, the law offers only very limited protection from her. The point of this website is not to mock Seema, but rather to help those that encounter her protect themselves, whether they just want to avoid her or actually want to intervene and help her.

Seema is a lawyer who until a few years ago appeared to have a successful professional career, but currently seems to be suffering from mental illness. She is at present unemployed, has broken off all contact with her family (which has disowned her and refuses to take responsibility for her) and lives out of her car, which she parks in different New Delhi neighbourhoods, frequently quarrelling with residents when they complain about her “living” there. On one occasion, she started screaming at a woman whose house she had parked outside that the woman had been sent to murder her. On another occasion, she broke down the front door of a senior police officer who was not taking her call.

In the process she has become a public nuisance for homeowners, hotel and restaurant owners (where she insists on staying and eating, from time to time, without making payments), fellow lawyers (whom she regularly hounds for money), the Delhi Police (whom she constantly bothers with trivial complaints such as dogs barking outside her car), as well as several judges in the Delhi High Court before whom she files frivolous petitions.

She appears to believe that she was fired from General Electric, where she worked as a lawyer, because she “exposed” certain corrupt practices. GE apparently ordered an internal enquiry into her complaints and found them baseless. Several Indian courts also found no substance in her complaints and refused to hear her petition. Moreover, the contract about which she complained was scrapped by the government, rendering her entire complaint a moot issue.

She believes that General Electric, and in particular its CEO Jeffrey Immelt, the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, the former Attorney General of India Soli Sorabjee, the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Raian Karanjawalla, and several other lawyers and judges, are conspiring to have her murdered. She has a particular dislike for Karanjawalla, whom she has accused of sexual harassment, and for Montek Singh Ahluwalia, whom she has accused of being in conflict-of-interest situations vis-à-vis his son Pavan Ahluwalia, who worked at McKinsey and founded Laburnum Capital, his son Aman Ahluwalia, and advocate in Delhi, and his daughter-in-law, Shilpa Mankar Ahluwalia, a Partner at Amarchand Mangaldass.

Among other things, she thinks the individuals and organizations have:

  1. Injected poison gas into a flat she lived in in Jangpura (before being evicted for failure to pay rent) as well as into her Taj Ginger hotel room (from which she was also evicted for failure to pay the bill)
  2. Arranged to have construction rubble piled on her neighbour’s roof, so that it might fall on her.
  3. Sent strange men to spy on her
  4. Arranged to have motorcyclists drive their bikes by her car at night to keep her awake
  5. Arranged to have stray dogs near her car provoked by ultrasound whistles so that they bark loudly at night and keep her awake

She writes long, rambling emails to a list of lawyers whom she also periodically petitions for money. On the rare occasion that people have given her money- Amit Sibal, son of Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal, Soli Sorabjee, and Raian Karanjawalla, being a few examples- she has lashed at out them accusing them of blackmail, sexual harassment and attempt to murder. She has also accused several lawyers who have tried to get her psychiatric attention of being part of the “conspiracy.”

The judiciary refuses to hear her petitions, and on one occasion she was physically removed from the courtroom of Justice Rajiv Shadker of the Delhi High Court by armed police officers. However, there is some sympathy for her as a lawyer who has fallen on hard times. At one point a judge asked the Bar Council to pay for her stay in an expensive hotel, when she pleaded that she had nowhere to go. Several senior lawyers have at various points made arrangements for her to stay at the India Habitat Centre and the India International Centre. Moreover, Indian law makes it very difficult for anyone other than a patient or their family to commit themselves to a mental institution. Although several judges have asked her to seek treatment, they have not been able to succeed in getting her institutionalized. They have too much sympathy for her to punish her and too little power over her to control her.

She has also picked numerous fights with the police, whom she has accused of trying to murder her on multiple occasions, and is known to create a huge ruckus if accosted by anyone in uniform and asked to move her car or not park overnight in residential neighbourhoods.

What this means, unfortunately, is that there are no real checks on her, since neither the judiciary nor the police want to have anything to do with her.

List of people she has accused

While the list of people she has accused is long, some specific accusations are listed below

  • Accused Jeffrey Immelt and other senior GE leaders, along with lawyers from Gibson Dunn, of acting in conspiracy with Montek Singh Ahluwalia  to order her murder
  • Accused her family (mother, brother and sister) of domestic violence and of attempting to drug and poison her
  • Accused her maid Maya of drugging her and keeping her at home
  • Accused her neighbor Mrs. Rita Mohan of attempting to murder her
  • Accused Rajdeep Singh of introducing toxic substances into her house
  • Accused Amulya Patnaik and Ajay Chaudhary from the Delhi Police of being involved in attempts on her life and in intimidating and terrorizing her
  • Accused the Delhi Police of assaulting her and forcibly dragging her out from police headquarters on August 27 2011
  • Accused her neighbor Mrs. Sardana of threatening her and of being part of a 3-woman group formed by the police to harass her
  • Accused Dr. Ashwani of UCMS of overseeing the attack on her via toxic gases
  • Accused SI Sanjay Singh and Constable Maneesha Yadav of attempting to drug her in August 2011
  • Accused Soli Sorabjee of being involved in a smear campaign against her
  • Accused Ginger Hotels (Taj Group) of threatening her using goondas
  • Accused India Habitat Center and its employees of attempting to poison her
  • Accused Eatopia restaurant employees of trying to poison her food
  • Accused Soli Sorabjee and Raian Karanjwala of sexual harassment
  • Accused Justice Gita Mittal and JR Midha of delaying the hearing of her application for protection and safe housing
  • Accused Ved Mani Tiwari, an Indian Railways officer in the electrical division, of corruption
  • Accused Amit Sibal of blackmail, when he agreed to help her financially, by giving her Rs.10,000
  • Accused lawyers Upamanyu Hazarika and Harish Salve of refusing to offer financial help until she withdrew her case against GE
  • Accused several lawyers, including Rajiv Nayar, Darpan Wadhwa, Ritin Rai, Ruby Ahuja, Rajiv Mehra and others of trying to get her institutionalized

List of people she is in regular contact with 

A list of people she is in regular contact with, or alternatively, whom she spams regularly, in case anybody wants to coordinate anything with them

Suggestions in dealing with her

(a) Do not meet with her in person, if possible, since she has made all sorts of accusations against anyone who has taken the trouble to meet with her personally. If you meet with her personally, INSIST on a witness being present and insist on the meeting occurring in a public place. She will typically try to say that this is not necessary. Do not be taken in by this.

(b) Do not under any circumstances give her money. If you feel strongly that you want to help her insist that it be contingent on her seeking immediate medical help.

(c) Do not engage in telephone conversations, since she records every phone conversation she has, selectively edits the conversations and places them on YouTube.

  • AS Chadiok was accused of trying to murder her after he had several telephone conversations with her
  • Various members of the Delhi Police accused of trying to murder her once they started engaging with her on the 100 number which she would repeatedly dial

(d) The police are of limited use in dealing with her, since she has made several allegations against them and is generally known to be a nuisance in Central Delhi. The police should certainly be contacted in the event she attempts or threatens physical violence, but when others have tried to do this the police usually asks them to apologize to her, in order to calm her down, since she has been known to get physically violent when highly agitated

(e) The courts are of limited use in dealing with her. Judges either refuse to hear petitions involving her, since this leads to commotion in the courtroom, or adjourn endlessly to avoid having to deal with her. As mentioned above, on one occasion she had to be physically evicted from a High Court courtroom

(f) The one thing she genuinely fears is institutionalization, so if she is harassing you and you mention that you will make some effort in this direction, there is a chance that she will stop. However, you have very limited ability to do anything in this regard.

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